Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning with Fellowes

Although many Northerners are still staring at mountains of snow, it isn't too early to start thinking about Spring cleaning. Many of us do it each year. It is a good way to shake off the winter and embrace the new season. It is a way to get rid of the old, unwanted and unneeded things and declutter our homes and our lives.

Part of the process of getting rid of unwanted things is, of course, clearing out old documents. While doing that, two piles should be created. One should be devoted to items you wish to save, while the other should be the "shred" pile.

One of the perks of being involved with One2One Network is being invited to participate in various projects. The most recent one is taking a look at the Fellowes P-12C Cross-Cut Shredder.

Shredding documents can be an important step in guarding against identity theft. Having a shredder helps to destroy confidential information into unidentifiable pieces.

I have been considering investing in a shredder, so I was especially interested in taking a look at the Fellowes P-12C Cross-Cut Shredder.

While I haven't purchased the shredder yet, there is a high likelihood that I will. I like the 12-sheet capacity, the fact that the basket holds four gallons (enough for our needs here), and that it has a slim profile that should fit easily under the desk. I also like the fact that it can shred paper, staples, credit cards, and paper clips. In terms of safety, it has patented SafeSense technology that stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening.

The shredder is moderately priced. At $84.99 (Target's price), it isn't exactly a steal; it isn't the most expensive shredder out there though, either.

Overall, the shredder looks good. It looks like it would make a great addition to a home office, and it would be a good tool in safeguarding confidential information.

While this blog post was written as part of a project for One2One and Fellowes, all opinions expressed within it are my own.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SniqueAway: A New Way to Sneak Away

As a BzzAgent, I've had the opportunity to try different things. The latest is membership at the invitation-only travel site SniqueAway.

The site describes itself as "your accomplice for stunning escapes." SniqueAway is "a brand-new private sale travel experience" that offers its members "top brands and A-List accommodations at surprisingly affordable prices. There is no cost to join SniqueAway, but an invitation is required." The site says that limiting membership helps them to bring members "exclusive rates on the world's top hotels."

SniqueAway says that it counts on its members to tempt friends to indulge. Members get rewarded, too. For every invited friend who books an escape with the site, the member who extended the invitation gets a $25 credit.

Based on what I've seen on the site so far, there are definitely some good deals on some very tempting locales. For example, the site currently offers a good deal on Wedmore Place, which is a "country hotel at Williamsburg Winery."

Deals change on a regular basis. Each sale lasts up to seven days or until the offer sells out.

Unfortunately, such an escape won't be happening for a while here. However, this is definitely a site that I intend to use once finances and time allows. The site offers good deals on some fantastic escapes, and I intend to enjoy some of these one of these days (and tell my readers about it, of course).

For now, though, I can extend the invitation to the site to others so that they may sneak away using SniqueAway. Membership is free, and the getaways are fantastic. The site really is a great way to plan to sneak away.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Alexia Roasted Red Potatoes with Italian Inspired Vegetables

Ever since I discovered products by Alexia Foods several years ago, the company has been one that I have trusted to produce good-tasting foods. When I saw that not only does the company have a Facebook page but was also giving away $1 off coupons to fans of its page, I, of course, became a fan.

The coupon was for any Alexia product, and I decided to try one of the products that I hadn't had before. The Roasted Red Potatoes with Italian Inspired Vegetables looked good, so I chose it. With the coupon, it was around $2 at WalMart (a store at which I rarely shop, but I happened to be there with someone else).

The product was easy to prepare. Simply thaw the oil packet in warm water; heat the oil in a skillet, and add the veggie mix. The package instructed that the mix should be cooked 8-10 minutes, but it did take a bit longer. It was still quick to prepare, though.

The package is supposed to contain three servings, but two servings would be a more realistic measure when being served to adults. That is especially so if this is being used as a main dish (as I did).

Overall, the mix had a good flavor. The basil oil worked well with it. I did, however, add a little bit of salt to my serving, but my boyfriend thought that the dish didn't need any more salt.

I would definitely recommend this and Alexia Foods' other products. I have yet to meet a product by the company that I haven't liked.