Monday, February 14, 2011

Alexia Roasted Red Potatoes with Italian Inspired Vegetables

Ever since I discovered products by Alexia Foods several years ago, the company has been one that I have trusted to produce good-tasting foods. When I saw that not only does the company have a Facebook page but was also giving away $1 off coupons to fans of its page, I, of course, became a fan.

The coupon was for any Alexia product, and I decided to try one of the products that I hadn't had before. The Roasted Red Potatoes with Italian Inspired Vegetables looked good, so I chose it. With the coupon, it was around $2 at WalMart (a store at which I rarely shop, but I happened to be there with someone else).

The product was easy to prepare. Simply thaw the oil packet in warm water; heat the oil in a skillet, and add the veggie mix. The package instructed that the mix should be cooked 8-10 minutes, but it did take a bit longer. It was still quick to prepare, though.

The package is supposed to contain three servings, but two servings would be a more realistic measure when being served to adults. That is especially so if this is being used as a main dish (as I did).

Overall, the mix had a good flavor. The basil oil worked well with it. I did, however, add a little bit of salt to my serving, but my boyfriend thought that the dish didn't need any more salt.

I would definitely recommend this and Alexia Foods' other products. I have yet to meet a product by the company that I haven't liked.

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