Friday, April 8, 2011

A Look at Yanni's "Truth of Touch"

I have rather eclectic taste in music. My listening choices range from jazz to hip hop to classic country. I'm as likely to listen to Jay-Z as I am to Ella.

So, when One2One Network offered me the chance to get a sneak peek at Yanni's new album, "Truth of Touch," I was definitely interested. I've never really listened to Yanni, and I was curious as to what it is that this new album has to offer.

The album is primarily contemporary instrumental. For those who aren't into that sort of sound, this album won't win you over. It's a decent album, but it isn't one that will make converts.

This is an album that seems best as background music. It is what to listen to when one is working or driving, but most of the pieces aren't for the foreground. One exception is "Can't Wait," which does have vocals; it is a sweet love song that would actually be good as a "first dance" at a wedding reception.

"O Luce Che Brilla Nell Obscurita" is another piece with vocals. Unfortunately, it feels a bit out-of-place on the album. It simply is too operatic in nature compared to some of the other pieces that feel more contemporary and--dare I say it?--youthful by comparison (not to knock opera, which I do somewhat enjoy).

Some of the pieces are great in telling a story solely through instrumental means. "Guilty Pleasure" and "Vertigo" are two that work well in that respect. Some of the other pieces may have actually benefited from some vocals. The long lag before the first vocal piece on this album may actually work against it, since not everyone has the patience for seven strictly instrumental pieces in a row.

Overall, though, this is a reasonably good album. I am glad that, in my capacity as a One2One Network member, I got a chance to review a free download of it. All opinions expressed are, of course, my own (as is true of all of my posts on this blog).

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